KSC Construction is a NJ registered general contractor with more than a decade of construction experience. KSC has maintained a good reputation in the community since its inception and has consistently provided service for the community with high standards in construction. Our Company has the ability to conduct all the aspects of the construction process from concept design to project completion.


KSC Does It All.


Our Office

KSC is a NJ based general contracting and design-build company founded in 2006. Our company is comprised of a group of architectural designers who work within the fields of art, interior design, architecture, and urbanism. We believe that solving any design challenge is best achieved by an open and inclusive design process. Our past collaborations include developers, engineers, environmentalists, and artists. Through these collaborations we broaden our understanding of the opportunities presented by any given design challenge which allows us to design projects that integrate seamlessly into its natural context. KSC has the ability to conduct all the aspects of the construction process from the schematic design phase to project completion.


Our Commitment

Core Value


We contribute to bring happiness to the community and people by operating construction business to provide outstanding living facilities.

Vision Statement


“To Strive for Excellence”
We strive for excellence to meet the Client’s needs and satisfaction with excellent control of the project .


Mission Statement


“Do the Job Right”
“Be Honest, Diligent, Responsible, Reliable, and Proactive”


Our Service

General Contract (GC)


From inception to completion, our construction group makes sure the overall planning, coordination, and control will result in a project that meets its budget, deadline, and quality standards. We provide pre-planning, design, construction, engineering, and management guidance that delivers the best possible results.



Minimizing owner risk and reducing the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phases requires a team of construction professionals who understand how to effectively combine design, permit, and construction schedules. Our design/build team not only understands the process, they appreciate the intricacies of pulling critical schedules together in a coherent and economical manner.